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 Why go to a pet shop when there are homeless puppies who need your love? Singapore has hundreds of mongrels in need of homes. If nobody adopts them, they get put to sleep after a life on the streets. These guys deserve better. They deserve a roof over their heads, proper food and more belly rubs. Adopt to give them a better life.


 Because mongrels need us more. Everyone knows about Huskies, Corgis or Poodles, but hardly anyone ever thinks mongrel when they want a dog. They're truly the underdogs among dogs. EM is working to change that. We think that mongrels are just as lovely and twice as fun. They will make great companions if you give them a chance.

    The Misunderstood Breed 

      What should I know before I adopt?

      It’s easy. Just fill in the adoption form and we’ll be in touch. However, not everyone can adopt a mongrel due to AVS housing regulations. If you live in a condo or a landed estate, there are no limitations on adoption. If you’re a HDB-dweller, you can only adopt mongrels which are HDB-approved under Project ADORE. They must be no taller than 55 cm from shoulder to floor. 


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      "Every Cent Counts; make a difference and give these kids a chance"

      Fundraiser with Matching Grants from Tote Board

      Posted : 1 Oct 2021
      Training cost fundraiser.jpg

      Most of us get pretty upset when we see posts of dogs being returned due to issues of aggression, fearfulness, or quite simply, too difficult and challenging to manage. Many dog owners would have experienced at some point after adoption, that they need to engage a trainer to help with managing some issues that are difficult to handle, and rightfully so because that is the most important first step towards rehabilitating a dog.


      Unfortunately, the dogs that got returned to us over the years were mostly due to reasons of aggression and whilst some people believed that such dogs should not be given a second chance (as in the case of Loki, who was put down by his last adopter without consulting with us), others feel that their environment might aggravate the issues and hope that we will be able to find the dogs a more suitable home.

      Truth is, the dogs that come back to us (or even those that we take in for rehoming) require some form of training, before they can be rehomed again. Such training as some of you may know, can take quite a chunk of funds.


      We are setting aside more funding to put in place rehabilitation training for the dogs that require professional assistance. These go into the thousands for those who are familiar with training costs.


      GOOD NEWS: the TOTE board has approved a matching grant for this specific fund raiser targeted at training the dogs under our care. For every $ you donate via :

      - Give.Asia-, or

      - our website - DONATE (please include "Training" in comments when making funds transfer)

      the TOTE board will provide a matching grant of the same amount!

      This is a very special campaign that we hope you will support, because some of the dogs truly need professional help, and with your help, they will be able to receive the assistance and eventually be rehomed to a suitable family.

      No amount is too small, because the total funding WILL BE DOUBLED.


      To help our Singapore Specials with their training costs, please DONATE or visit


      Thank you for your kind and generous support.



      Save the animals arts exhibition.jpg

      Update : 28 July 2021


      Due to the pandemic, we’ve not been able to host any fund raising dinners for 2 consecutive years.


      As with all other AWGs, annual gala dinner is our single largest fund raiser each year, and we are crippled and saddles with medical bills, transport bills and more recently, our funds have been depleted significant due to higher training costs.


      We’ve also cut down on taking on more rescues because we simply can’t cope anymore, and without physical adoption drives, our adoption rates have also taken a hit. Yet, our bills continue to climb.


      Thankfully, a group of kind hearted artists have banded together to showcase their beautiful artwork to help us raise funds.


      This is a fund raiser in aid of the dogs still under our care and requiring rehabilitation work before they can be rehomed.


      Most of you will know that engaging a professional trainer is not a walk in the park, especially when the costs of training can go up to the thousands for dogs with behavioral issues.


      This is our single largest fund raiser for 2021 and we hope to have your support.


      Please browse through the beautiful pieces of artwork by this group of artists.


      For each piece sold, EM will receive 60% of the sale price.


      Success! Message received.

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