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Posted : 23 Nov 2021


Male 1 year


Trooper, merely 1 year old and was returned to us a month ago as he’d bitten the helper on several occasions. Adopted as a wee puppy, he wasn’t given the opportunity to undergo positive rehabilitation and his owners decided he must leave their home asap.

Such is the life of a dog, no second chances, no seeking to understand why he had bitten. As his last owner told us:” Trooper has caused us a lot of grief in the last few months so he needs to go ASAP.”

We read back the previous text correspondences, when the family was so excited to welcome him as part of their family, versus now when they want him gone. Whatever happened to adopting a dog is forever?

When we went to take him, he was tied to a huge pillar outdoors, citing safety reasons and the sight of the poor dog being tied up broke our hearts. He was out of that dreadful place within 15 min.

Trooper has been back with us for a month now, and has been receiving rehabilitation training. He’s come a long way and is almost ready to be rehomed again.

As his current fosterer will be traveling in 3 weeks for work, we will need to find him an adopter before she flies.

Trooper lacks trust, and he will need time and patience to regain that. He gets along fine with other dogs, is very playful but has a tendency to guard his resources. He likes his space and will show his displeasure when it’s intruded upon.

He’s healthy, sterilized and vaccinated.

Due to his past, we are seeking out for a suitable adopter who may possibly fit the following requirements:

1. Singles/couples

2. Strictly no kids / senior folks (this is non-negotiable)

3. Willing to spend time to continue the existing training framework that he’s currently undergoing (this is non-negotiable)

4. Strictly no helper

We are relieved that Trooper is now back with us and receiving the help he so needs, with your kind and generous donation towards our call to train the dogs under our care.

As time is running short, please help us share his adoption appeal so that we may find him an awesome forever hope before mid Dec.

If you’d like to visit Trooper with a view to adopt, please WhatsApp to 97890569 or drop us a PM. No call please.

Adopt a Special, adopt Trooper!

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