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In 2018 Guinness celebrated the Year of the Dog by inspiring Singaporeans to spread some love to mongrels, or Singapore Specials, that are looking for a home. Through a collaboration with three local artists, Guinness launched a series of uniquely-designed t-shirts inspired by the Red Tongue Dog to let Singaporeans ring in the new year in style. At the same time, contribute to a good cause where all proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts will go to support the local animal welfare group, Exclusively Mongrels.


The Red Tongue Dog, also known as Ang Ji Gao, is an iconic moniker of the stout that first arrived at our shores in the 1860s. Ever since, the Ang Ji Gao has been a unique symbol of bravery, understood within the local culture.


Partnering Exclusively Mongrels
Mongrels, on the other hand, have become so synonymous with street dogs in Singapore that they have come to be known as Singapore Specials. Similar to the Ang Ji Gao, they are a breed that is brave and resilient, but often overlooked as a choice for adoption. In 2015, there were 7,000 stray dogs where only 265 were rehomed and close to 1,000 were culled – most of which were mongrels.


“As we enter the Year of the Dog, we believe it is a special time for us to marry our iconic symbol, the Red Tongue Dog, with a worthy cause that’s close to Singaporeans’ heart. By partnering Exclusively Mongrels, we want to encourage everyone to contribute towards this special cause or go one step further to give a mongrel a new home by adopting their very own Ang Ji Gao,” said Venus Teoh, Marketing Director, Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore).

“We’re beyond ecstatic that Guinness has chosen to shine light on an animal welfare group to increase awareness on the current situation of homeless mongrels on such a scale. It’s the first time a global brand has adopted us and we hope that through this, more Singaporeans will get attuned to our cause,” quipped Kevin Neo, Director of Exclusively Mongrels.

‘Adopting’ a Red Tongue Dog
Guinness has partnered three local artists – Rachele Ho, Larry Peh, and Band of Doodlers* – to design a collection of t-shirts by putting their creative spin on the popular Ang Ji Gao.


Adopt A Red Tongue Dog with Guinness® this Lunar New Year!

Red Tongue Dog
  • Strictly Non-Exchangeable and Non-Refundable.

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