Male, 5 years old


This big black boy was living in a factory, had a feeder, but due to the poor living conditions, he developed severe ear infection. In the years that he spent in the factory, he had wandered out multiple times, got hit by a vehicle, injured his limb and made a full recovery.

He’s now safe in another factory but we’ve decided to rehome this big boy.


He’s very gentle, walks well on a leash, not barkish, low maintenance and affectionate once he knows you better.


We’ve vaccinated him, did a full blood work and he’s declared healthy (hooray) and chipped him as well.


He obviously needs to shed a lot of weight so hopefully the fosterer will be able to work with him to make him slimmer.


He’s ready to leave his current life behind and start a new life with the right family.


If you’re looking for a dog to foster or adopt, do consider this black hunk of a dog. We do not know how he is with cats and young kids.


We haven’t given him a name yet so let’s just call him Kuro for now.

As you can see from his photos, Kuro is a large dog and is not of HDB approved size.


Drop us a PM or WhatsApp to 97890569 if you’d like to meet Kuro.

Charity number: UEN201216939N

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