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Posted : 9 Mar 2024


Male (est 10 years old)

This is Brownie, and there is a very sad story behind this face.

Estimated to be 10 years old, Brownie was owned by a family and kept as an outdoor dog. When the primary caretaker passed, he was confined to the back yard for years. And then the family decided to move out as they planned to sell the house, and left Brownie behind, all by himself in an empty house, 24/7.


All he used to get was 1 meal per day when the family would drop by to feed. Other than that, he was just alone, all day, everyday. Neighbours were very kind and often walk past the house to give him some treats and pats, but other than that, Brownie was pretty much alone.

Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore managed to secure his release and we decided to take over his rehoming. Initial medical checks revealed him to be healthy, although kidney readings are borderline high.

He’s now in a foster home and absolutely craves human touch and companionship. He gets excited when people visited and despite his age, he is still a very active senior dog.

Extremely food motivated, Brownie adores his meal times and also his daily walks around the neighbourhood.

There’s a downside to Brownie, because he tends to pee whenever he needs, it’s been challenging trying to prevent him from peeing whenever he’s indoors. As such, he’s currently kept outdoors whilst his fosterer is trying to train him out of it.

Brownie’s fosterer will be travelling in 2 weeks, and though we have a backup, we hope that a kind, compassionate and understanding family will come forward to adopt Brownie.

Old is gold, and at his age, he deserves nothing more than the very best.

Brownie is fine with dogs, kids (as long as kids are well behaved and not boisterous), no separation or thunder anxiety.

If you’d like to consider a senior dog, reach out to us via WhatsApp 9789 0569. No calls please.

Adopt a Special, adopt Brownie!

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