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 Why go to a pet shop when there are homeless puppies who need your love? Singapore has hundreds of mongrels in need of homes. If nobody adopts them, they get put to sleep after a life on the streets. These guys deserve better. They deserve a roof over their heads, proper food and more belly rubs. Adopt to give them a better life.


 Because mongrels need us more. Everyone knows about Huskies, Corgis or Poodles, but hardly anyone ever thinks mongrel when they want a dog. They're truly the underdogs among dogs. EM is working to change that. We think that mongrels are just as lovely and twice as fun. They will make great companions if you give them a chance.

    What should I know before I adopt?

    It’s easy. Just fill in the adoption form and we’ll be in touch. However, not everyone can adopt a mongrel due to AVS housing regulations. If you live in a condo or a landed estate, there are no limitations on adoption. If you’re a HDB-dweller, you can only adopt mongrels which are HDB-approved under Project ADORE. They must be no taller than 55 cm from shoulder to floor. 



    "Every Cent Counts; make a difference and give these kids a chance"


    Dog of the Week: Ash (Dashi)


    Whilst battling renal failure, we noticed Ash wasn’t holding down his food and would be inappetent, or vomit whatever he’s consumed back out.


    Everyone was worried as he was losing weight fast, getting lethargic and looking tired all the time. We thought he might be suffering from other illnesses and decided to get him tested, and true enough, he was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis.


    The attending vet told us his pancreatitis was so severe that it’s the worst she’s seen in a decade.

    We were shattered. Hasn’t Ash been dealt with enough bad cards already? From being adopted, and returned, and rehomed again, only to have him returned to us after 2 years, with Ehrlichia that compromised his kidney functions and now suffering from severe pancreatitis. It’s been a trying period for everyone.


    We received this report from the vet:

    Ash is suspected to have chronic ehrlichiosis and IRIS stage 3 out of 4 kidney failure. He also has been diagnosed with severe pancreatitis (CPLi at least 10x higher than the normal limit), which causes inappetence, nausea, diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. Pancreatitis is likely to be a chronic issue and may be life threatening. Ash is currently being aggressively treated with pain relief, gastric protectants, anti nausea, gut motility drugs and IV fluid therapy to manage his pancreatitis and kidney failure. Given the fact that he has multiple chronic illnesses which may be terminal, palliative treatment is aimed at ensuring his comfort and managing his pain, giving him the best quality of life in a loving home for as long as we can.

    We are not giving up on him. Life has dealt him with bad enough experiences and we want to ensure his remaining time in his current home will be the absolute best and enjoyable.


    His daily medications will cost around $150/day and will hover around $4,500 per month. We are bursting at the seams with the high medical bills incurred by the dogs under our care, and taking in more dogs on a regular basis has also taken a toll on our finances.


    We would like to appeal to you to help with Ash’s medical bills. We do not wish to compromise on the quality of medical care extended to Ash because of lack of funds.


    If you’re able and happy to help Ash, please donate to our DBS current account 015-903571-9, or PayNow to our UEN 201216939NEM7. Any amount will help Ash on his journey.


    On a more positive note, his fosterer, Shu Chiang and Eliza, who fostered Ash’s brother, Sam, has made the decision to officially adopt Ash! They do not want to move him around anymore and Ash is very happy living with them. He’s now part of their family and is very well looked after by them. We cannot thank them enough for stepping up to foster (and adopt) Ash and ensuring he receives the quality of life he deserves. For this, we are extremely grateful.


    Ash has been renamed as Dashi, and he has a new beginning with them now. Thank you!


    Over the years, we have all made huge strides forward for our four-legged friends. This year, Pet Lovers Centre's 13th Annual Pet Food Drive (5 - 25 October 2020) is a pet food drive that will be slightly longer in duration so as to raise as much pet food as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, as most animal welfare groups (AWGs) are unable to raise funds during this period.

    The pandemic and subsequent circuit breaker restrictions have taken a toll on the operations of AWGs across Singapore. With all outdoor events suspended for the time being, finances are now a significant issue in the wake of falling donations and workforce crunch.

    This year, PLC's efforts will benefit animals served through Cat Welfare Society (CWS), Causes for Animals (Singapore) Limited (CAS) and Exclusively Mongrels Limited (EML).

    100% of the pet food raised will be divided equally among these animal charities to help defray their feeding costs.

    3 simple contributing methods:


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