The KONG HandiPOD interchangeable start kit is for dog walkers who want to have peace of mind and safety when they're out and about. The pack contains interchangeable components - a poo bag dispenser, a powerful torch attachment and a hand sanitising gel attachment. The torch has a 100 lumen PCB LED and includes 3 x AAA batteries that provide excellent night time visibility and long battery life. Suitable for attachment to any lead.



  • Made from high quality ABS plastic that is double rubber coated.
  • Hand gel independently proven effective against germs, leaving hands feeling clean and refreshed
  • Bio-degradable bags with tie handles
  • Powerful torch for use at nighttime
  • Includes torch attachment with 3 AAA batteries
  • Refillable HandiPOD packs available - contain bags and a gel pod
  • Comprises a base unit which can be used alone or attach to either the gel pod or the torch attachment.
  • Great for any dog walker, especially useful on dark nights

KONG HandiPOD Interchangeable Starter Kit for Dogs