The Kong AirDog series of toys combines the texture of a tennis ball, with enhanced strength and the famous Kong brand name.


Kong AirDog offers a new spin on a traditional favorite--100% pure tennis ball in a fetch-friendly bone shape.


Great floatability and bounceability.


Kong AirDog bounce erratically on land and float on water. Regular use prevents the boredom that can lead to canine misbehavior and separation anxiety.


Proper choice of Kong depends on your dog's size.  This Large size toy is ideally suited to medium to large dogs.


  • Sturdy: puncture resistant, resilient, durable
  • Irregular shape: bounces unpredictably - they love it
  • Tennis ball texture: dogs just love it
  • Dimensions: 23cm x 10cm x 4cm.
  • Safe: no splintering or sharp edges, ever
  • Challenging: great for therapy, separation anxiety etc
  • Versatile: suits chasing and catching, great for water play


NOTE: while this toy is much stronger than a regular tennis ball, it is not designed for unsupervised chew toy use, especially if your dog is prone to destroying toys.



Kong AirDog Bone - non-squeak