We have another black hunk of a dog that is of HDB approved size under Project ADORE for adoption.

Konbu. 4yrs old sterilised. He was just 3 weeks old with eyes still closed when rescued together with his stray mother and his siblings as the estate manager threatened to set traps to round them up. He suffers a slightly deformed face as he was bitten by his mother who suffered post natal stress while at the shelter. But hey, a little deformity does give Konbu a little character, don't you think?

He was subsequently fostered out and adopted by his sister's adopter and enjoyed 3yrs of bliss, UNTIL he was given up recently by his adopter due to sudden unforeseen changes to the family.

Konbu has thyroid issues and needs to be on medication. Though he takes a little bit of time to open up to people, he is very loving and digs hugs & tummy rubs. He walks well on the leash and is better suited to a firm and assertive adopter.

If you've been considering giving a black dog, and one that looks a tad quirky a forever home, why not give Konbu a chance?

Adopt a Special, adopt Konbu!

Male, 4 Years Old

Charity number: UEN201216939N

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