Male, 5 Years Old

When the home you once called becomes empty, the people you grew up with decided that you will not move along with them, and you find yourself all alone in a factory, devoid of anything or any humans, life can be extremely sad for strays.

Bear came to us lost, confused, and took him a while to realise that he's been "rescued".This cuddly little bear isn't in the pink of health, unfortunately. He has been diagnosed with heartworm, and Babesia Gibsoni, a strain of tick fever that requires expensive treatment.

That said, if there is any family who is open to accepting a dog that has these medical issues and willing to see it through to ensure Bear gets the life he truly deserves, we'd be happy to bear his full medical fees.

Bear is estimated to be 5 years old, sterilized and microchipped.

He is a tad shy with strangers initially but once he warms up, you will be his best friend. He also gets along fine with other dogs too. Bear walks well on a lead and best of all, Bear IS HDB APPROVED under Project ADore!

Adopt a Special, adopt Bear!

Charity number: UEN201216939N

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