Posted : 14 July 2021


Male, 2 Years 


This is Horlick, he was adopted from us in 2019, and will soon be returned to us. He turned 2 years old in May and under unfortunate circumstances, his current owner can no longer keep him and wishes to rehome him to a more suitable family.

Horlick needs a very patient and understanding adopter, definitely not suitable for first timer, families with kids or elderly or young couples who may plan to have babies in future.

Horlick needs a quiet and stable environment to thrive, someone who can take take and exercise patience to her to know his quirks, likes and dislikes. He’s not the easiest of dogs to manage as he has leash aggression, and is not good with strangers.

His strengths:

1. Pee pad & grass trained

2. Loves to play with friendly dogs

2. Healthy, vaccinated, microchipped

His quirks:

1. Requires a firm yet patient adopter

2. Strictly no kids/elderly

3. No expats who will leave SG eventually

4. No first timer owner

Horlick can be the loving and loyal dog once you get to know him better, and his unconditional love for you is no lesser than other dogs.

All he needs is a chance.

An understanding that he is still a dog under training and needs to be reinforced regularly by the next owner.

We don’t have much time left and hope to find him someone suitable ASAP.

If you think you may be the one, please WhatsApp to 97890569.

Please help share this urgent adoption appeal.

Adopt a Special, adopt Horlick!