Posted : 27 May 2021

Male - 6 years



COVID 19 has made countless lives unbearable, and the dogs are not spared either. When Timo was finally adopted back in 2018, we were both ecstatic and relieved that he’d finally found “the one”. After all, he was adopted as a young pup and returned to us when he was about 3 years old, because he bit someone at home. It took us a while before we managed to find the right adopter for him and we were convinced that he’d found his happily ever after.


But Covid 19 disrupted the Adopter’s life, turning it completely upside down; she lost her job, and used up her savings just to keep it going for her and Timo, until she was broke.


She finally saw light at the end of the tunnel when she was offered a job, but the new job takes her away from 6am to 11pm at night and Timo would be all alone during this time, together with another adopted cat.


Life isn’t fair, and his adopter made the very difficult decision to reach out to us to rehome him. Because Timo was used to going out with his doggie friends for play dates regularly, it would be terribly unfair to now confine him at home for such long hours, depriving him of the great outdoors.


We understood her decision to rehome Timo and are now appealing for a good family to adopt him.

1. Singles or couples who enjoy going out with dogs

2. Strictly no kids (non-negotiable)

3. Has prior experience with dogs, especially Mongrels

4. Patient and understand that Timo will need time to settle into yet another new environment

5. Project adore training is mandatory for HDB adopters


Timo is cool with cats, dogs and fine being alone. He’s grass trained and loves to head out for walks. He’s 6 years old, and is of medium energy.


If you’d like to give Timo his forever home, please contact us via WhatsApp 97890569 or PM. No calls please.


Adopt a Special, adopt Timo!