Male, 8 Years Old

We'd like to say, old is gold and save the best for last, because 8 year old Bertie is the 9th dog that we bailed out from the pound last week, and he is ready to go to a forever home!

Bertie was caught by dog catchers and surrendered to the AVA, was then found that he had a microchip on him but alas, they were not able to trace his owner as he was not licensed.

His temperament proved to be his saving grace as he was deemed rehomable and offered to the rehoming partners. And here he is, in all his glory!

Bertie has settled in his foster home, and under their tender loving care, he's blossomed into a pet dog that would make a loving and superb companion.

Bertie is good with humans, although he does take some time to warm up to you, walks very well on a lead, doesn't pull and would be good alongside his handler. He is not fantastic with other dogs so he should be the only canine at home.

Bertie is also 100% grass trained (bonus!), and will wait to be taken out for his daily walks before he will relieve himself. He is also good alone at home, and spends his time resting and watching the world go by.

He is a low maintenance dog that once warmed up, will be your best companion, so would be suitable for first time dog owners too.

Adopt a Special, adopt Bertie!

Charity number: UEN201216939N

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