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furkids who deserves a second chance


 Why go to a pet shop when there are homeless puppies who need your love? Singapore has hundreds of mongrels in need of homes. If nobody adopts them, they get put to sleep after a life on the streets. These guys deserve better. They deserve a roof over their heads, proper food and more belly rubs. Adopt to give them a better life.


 Because mongrels need us more. Everyone knows about Huskies, Corgis or Poodles, but hardly anyone ever thinks mongrel when they want a dog. They're truly the underdogs among dogs. EM is working to change that. We think that mongrels are just as lovely and twice as fun. They will make great companions if you give them a chance.

    The Misunderstood Breed 

      What should I know before I adopt?

      It’s easy. Just fill in the adoption form and we’ll be in touch. However, not everyone can adopt a mongrel due to AVS housing regulations. If you live in a condo or a landed estate, there are no limitations on adoption. If you’re a HDB-dweller, you can only adopt mongrels which are HDB-approved under Project ADORE. They must be no taller than 55 cm from shoulder to floor. 


      To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


      "Every Cent Counts; make a difference and give these kids a chance"



      Update : 23 Apr 2021


      Playing did not come naturally to Chewie and a tennis ball used to mean nothing to him. With proper guidance and relationship building, Chewie has learnt how to play and boy, does he play well.


      Chewie is looking for his furever home urgently. He is highly intelligent and will do well with someone willing to commit time and effort to training him.


      We are happy to assist with paying for his training as long as adopter is committed to ensuring Chewie receives continuous reinforcement on his behavior.


      Please PM us or WhatsApp to 97890569 to enquire.